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What do you do when you are tired of driving from place to place for soccer practice, for music lessons, to pick up a birthday gift, and to grab a bite to eat? You go to a place where you can do it all in one stop; that’s what you do! The Factory is just that place, a sports and entertainment mall for parents and kids alike to eat, shop, and play.

The Factory is unlike any place in the Triangle, combining so many different sports and recreation businesses, entertainment businesses, retail shops, and restaurants that you must see it to believe it. Take a look at what you’ll find at the Factory.



Our Location

1839 South Main Street

Wake Forest, NC 27587

*Individual businesses within the Factory have their own hours of operation,

so please check with the store or business you are visiting for specific operating hours.


Is there something you want to contact the Factory about?  Well, we’re here, and we’re listening!

Feel free to contact us to tell us about your recent Factory visit, suggest a way to improve our services,

or ask us that burning question you’ve wanted to ask for so long.

We promise that we’ll read every message you send and try to respond promptly.

We ask that you consider contacting a specific shop or business if your message relates to one of them.

You can check out a list of our businesses in the Directory section of the website. Otherwise, type away!

Thanks for submitting!

Tel: 919-453-1839
Fax: 919-453-1840

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